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Dundurn : 683? - The stronghold of the Pictish province of Fortrui at Dundurn Hill near St Fillans was attacked by Scots. By 843 Scots and Picts were united under Kenneth MacAlpin King of Scots.

Dunsinane Hill : 1054 - Malcolm III launched an attack with an English army from Birnam Hill near Dunkeld to MacBeth's stronghold at Dunsinane Hill to the south. MacBeth is defeated but not finally deposed and killed until 1057.

Kinclaven : 1297 - William Wallace ambushed an English force which was moving from Perth to reinforce Kinclaven Castle. He pursued the force inside the castle which surrendered. The garrison were then killed and the castle burned.

Blackford : 1297 (?) - William Wallace is also said to have defeated a small English force as they crossed the ford on the Allan Water at Blackford.

Battle of Methven : 1306 - Robert I (Robert the Bruce) was defeated at Methven shortly after his coronation at Scone by the Earl of Pembroke in the early stages of his long campaign to have himself recognised as rightful king of Scotland and to ensure full and lasting Scottish independence.

Battle of Dupplin : 12 August 1332 - South west of Perth, Edward Balliol and the 'disinherited Barons' with a force of only 3500 surprised and routed an army of 30000 under Regent Mar. 13000 of Mar's men are said to have been killed.

Battle of the Clans : 28th September 1396 - This took place on the North Inch, Perth. This was a gladiatorial fight to the death to settle a long running feud between the powerful Chattan and Mackay clans. 30 warriors from each formed before Robert III. All Mackays died, except one who swam the River Tay, to the loss of 10 Chattans. Legend has it that the Chattans were a man short so a local saddler was paid to take the place. He survived, having joined the winning side!

Ardvorlich House : 1620 - Cattle raiding between Clans was a way of life in highland Perthshire. A Macdonald of Glencoe raiding party were successfully repulsed by the Stewarts of Ardvorlich House on the south side of Loch Earn. Seven Macdonalds died and are buried near the house. The site is marked by a large stone.

Battle of Tippermore : 1st September 1644 - James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, with 2000 Highlanders and Irish defeated a Covenanter force of 6000 under Lord Elcho at Tippermore and occupied Perth. This was the first battle in Montrose's failed rebellion in support of Charles I carried out while the main Scottish army was in England supporting the Government forces there. Few died in the battle but an estimated 2000 died in the following massacre - this puts Tippermore at about the same level of post-battle massacre as Culloden!

Perthshire : 1653 - Drummond and Blair castles are both almost destroyed by Cromwellian forces during their invasion of Scotland.

Blair Atholl CastleBattle of Killiecrankie : 27th July 1689 - During the first Jacobite uprising against the appointment of William of Orange as King of both Scotland & England, General Hugh Mackay attempted to move a column of 4000 Government / Williamite infantry through the Pass of Killiecrankie to occupy Blair Castle. Viscount Dundee (John Graham of Claverhouse) arrived with 2500 Jacobite Highlanders and occupied the high ground of the Pass. After several hours of stand-off the Highlanders charged down the slopes ploughing, broadsword in hand, into the Mackay's troops who were swept away. Casualties were large on both sides. Dundee had led his troops personally and was himself killed.

Dunkeld : 1689 - After the Battle of Killiecrankie the victorious Jacobites attacked Dunkeld which was in Government hands and held by Covenanting Cameronians. The battle destroyed most of Dunkeld and the houses seen today were built immediately after this event.

Battle of Sheriffmuir : 13th November 1715 - Government Hanoverian forces under the Duke of Argyll met the Jacobite army of the Earl of Mar on the Ochill Hills above Dunblane. In a particularly bloody battle the left flanks of both armies were destroyed. Both sides claimed victory but since Mar's 10000 had failed of overwhelm Argyll's 4000 'bad press' followed for the Jacobites and their rebellion failed through lack of further support.

Strathearn : January 1716 - Jacobites burnt the towns and villages of Strathearn - Auchterarder, Blackford, Crieff, Dunning and Muthill - after the Battle of Sheriffmuir. This was ordered by the Earl of Mar to deny food and shelter to the troops of the Duke of Argyll. Comrie was spared, presumably as the most Highland of the Strathearn towns it's sympathies were Jacobite.

Blair Castle : 1745-46 - Blair Castle besieged by both Government and the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie). © 2006
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